A Birthday + Annie The Pig

2.09.2015 -

Birthday morning sleep in's and breakfast in bed...

...and then they hid me away in the back room to prepare a "surprise". Okay so they got me. Good. I had no clue my best friend was going to pop out and I had not even a hint that she was about to make an inside joke become very real. Too real. In minutes I had a freakin' miniature pig running around my house and I swear I still can not believe that this actually honestly happened.

She honest to goodness had me believing this was for serious my birthday gift not a joke until a few minutes after they left and Sam gave it away it really was a joke only because he wouldn't stop laughing and I know he would never want a pig either and I WAS going into slight panic mode. "What am I going to do with this thing! I hate pigs!"
She was dead serious about how I could start a blog for Annie my pig and take her everywhere and when we move to California I can walk down the streets with her and we will become famous. Talk about a really, greasy, prickly haired squealer. I seriously had no idea pigs were THAT loud. And I have no idea how I will ever top this. to get her back...I don't think I can.

Ah to making sweet, horrid, epic, memories with amazing people. How will one ever forget such a birthday! Simply can't happen. And it puts a smile on my face and makes me shake my head everytime I think about it. Can't you just feel the piggy love...

"I love getting older. My understanding deepens. I can see what connects. I can weave stories of experience and apply them. I can integrate the lessons. Things simply become more and more fascinating. Beauty reveals itself in thousands of forms."

Each birthday I have had in the last 3 years has gotten better and better.
What is a birthday anyways? Why do we have them, what are they for? Why do people have expectations of others on their birthday? Why do we expect others to celebrate us on our birthday? Why are we not celebrating ourselves? My birthday means something incredible to me now it certainly never did before I started my healing. It's about celebrating me being here on this earth. It's about self love and worth. It's about knowing I am here for a reason no one else is here for. It's a day to keep dreaming for myself, loving myself, bettering myself, reaching for new heights. Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.

This year I'm doing something different. My whole birthday month I’m making time to make things happen for myself. I'm doing some things that make me feel alive. I'm accomplishing some goals I've wanted to do and checking some more things off my bucket list. The last six months my everything has been re-adjusted. Priorities have had to shift. Life has done figure eights and sharp turns. I have put my business on hold, moved homes, learned and have had to grow and stretch myself in ways I would never have expected to anytime soon. And while I know that isn’t going to stop anytime soon I have come to learn that shouldn’t/doesn’t stop the dreaming. The dreams are still there they have just had to change a little. The goals are still there just having had adapted some.

I like getting older. I don’t have that urge/desire people have of wanting to go back and relive any age/younger age. That actually scares the shit out of me. To relive the horrors. I have never felt more alive, more myself, more strong, more free, more worthy, more powerful than I do right now. To love my life and believe my life is my message and my story. And to believe that is a good thing. To believe that is enough. To live and not run.

So my birthday week I invited these 4 woman amazing woman in my life out for a girl's night! These beauties that keep me going, so often keep my sane, build me up, understand, listen, goof with me, get my heart smiling again when I feel faint. Who are all so VERY different but yet all so VERY amazing! Who keep me dreaming. Who don't try to say the right thing but just be. Real. Honest. As it is. As they are. The ones I know I can be me around completely. The ones that are not at all okay with just settling. Being with them for 7 hours straight was more filling that I can even express. We are doing a stay inside pj and movie night next time...though the movie might get skipped altogether with deep conversation and dreaming!

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