Friends like Sisters

2.15.2012 -
To me, its a rare and beautiful blessing when God gives you someone who REALLY cares about you. Someone who is more than a friend. Someone who is like a sister. Someone who can count on you but you also know you can always count on them. To be there when you need them. To be there when you don't! :) To drop by your house to give you a hug!

I love these two girls oh so too very much. We decided we had to get some girlfriend pictures before Juls moves out of Duncan in a month and since Diana's is fixing to go back to her home Columbia for for a long visit this is the last time we all 3 were going to get to be together until who knows when! Hopefully only a couple months at the longest! :( These two have been lifesavers for me in this little town and Juls is going to be OH SO missed terribly (we ARE coming to visit her after she moves. That is FINAL! :P) and Diana just better come back from Columbia again! :P lol

We didn't care that it was 34 degrees out and then that it dropped down to 27 degrees towards the end of our picture takin'! :D We were quakin' in our shoes, while laughing and "doing out thang" and then running to the car to warm up before going at it again! :D This day will be a day NONE of us forget, ever!!! :D I can't help but smile now about it! Sometimes there are just no words for the wonderful people God puts in your life!!!

OH! And one more thing! Samuel, is quickly turning into my side by side photographer and I am proud of him and his learning eye! :P He did fabulous!

"Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life that want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what."

Juls's brown polka dot halter dress from Factory Connection, shoes from Shoe Department, pearl studded ring from Rue 21, bracelet from Target
Diana's cream lace dress and belt from Charlotte Russe
Leslie's jumpsuit from Factory Connection, shoes from Ebay, bracelets and ring from Charlotte Russe 


Denim & Lace

... and it was starting to get a little more colder out but we were still just having TOO much fun to REALLY care! :D

Leslie's Lace tank from Stage, belt from Charlotte Russe, dark skinny jeans, black stiletto boots and chain knotted necklace from Forever 21, silver cuff from a garage sale :)
Jul's lace tank and jeans from Body Central, shoes from ShoeDazzle 
Diana's high wasted shorts from American Eagle


Pretty in Black

- continued!
Two hours from when we started and when we WERE finally getting completely frozen to our bones and yet despite our literal quaking from that fact we were having too much fun to call it quits before getting JUST a FEW more! :D
Photo's styling, and pose inspiration from "Pretty Little Liers"
Diana's see through cutout, bodycon dress from Forever 21 and shoes from ShoeDazzle 
Leslie's sheer back, mini dress from Ebay, shoes from Forever 21, and bracelets from Charlotte Russe
Juls's shoes from Factory Connection and ring from Charlotte Russe