4.30.2015 -
When Maria contacted me telling me she would love for me to be apart of her empowerment shoot to co-shoot with her sister Michelle my heart started grinning. I dropped everything that weekend and drove 4 hours round trip to be apart of this magic. Because THIS is what my camera and I live for. Nothing makes me more excited than getting to be apart of something deep, powerful, meaningful, raw, life-giving, strong. It's my passion to bring out the beautiful in this hellish life. To give healing. To give life. To be able to see and touch the inner most beauty of other people's lives. To know people's stories, to see their pain and they strength. Vulnerability is magic. It's strength. It's power. And nothing uplifts me more than realness. To tell a story with my photos...I crave it. 

This beauty is stronger than it is. With the tears she laughs. With the pain she also finds joy. She is a warrior. She is what it is to live alive in this hellishly beautiful life. She is stronger than the challenges. Even though at times it may make her feel weak inside the challenges are making her stronger. Because she is choosing to let it. I see nothing but beauty, pain, strength, human; raw real and amazing. 

This session is definitely at the top of my list for most meaningful, inspiring and uplighting things I have gotten to be apart of thus far in my life. I thank her for being bold and brave enough to able to be vulnerable and let the world in on part of her beautifully hellish story. I'm proud of her. I'm inspired by her. Keep on a kicking royal ass woman. You've got this!