Rachelle & Aaron

9.24.2013 -
The day started our cloudy threatening our bright happy sunny shoot but by early afternoon the sky had not a single cloud in it to which I got very excited over! Just as I made it to the fairgrounds the dark storm appeared from nowhere; lighting, rain and horrendous wind. Thankfully I was the only one stuck out in it and drenched to the bone and so we decided to wait it out and see what happened. We wanted this shoot bad. :) 30 min. before the sunset the sun popped out behind the clouds the heavy part of the storm passed over and we ran around catching what last slivers of light that was left!
I'm glad these two beautiful amazing people allowed me to spend a few hours of their anniversary day with them at the OKC State Fair! Couldn't have had more fun with anyone else!  

Sunny {boudoir}

9.23.2013 -
This girl is strong; a fighter through all the pain and struggles life has thrown her way. I am so encouraged by her, so proud of her and loved photographing her.

"She is intelligently chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure." -Steve Maraboli

"I forgot what it was like to smile and laugh just because it feels good. Actually because I've realized my worth and it's worth loving!" -Sunny