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6.27.2014 -

It's just a good kinda feeling to flip through any magazine to find your work featured and will make you want that dream you have all the more. Work, work and never stop working no matter how long it takes and never stop doing what you love the most, right?! :) 
Proud to have this fabulous shot of Morgan shared in her (healthy you) feature in Duncan the Magazine. 
She's actually moving to OKC in a few weeks just FYI for all my city friends looking for a personal trainer. (Mommies with Muscle LLC)

Summer Painting Party - Lil' Hands & Puppy Paws

6.25.2014 -

It's so much more than just finding things to do and filling up summer time. It's far more than just paint and brushes and rocks. It's memories. It's the gut bubbling laughs when someone smacks at a flying bug on their face and smacks paint on themselves. It's the giggles over painting puppy sisters paws. It's the cute tongue sticking out in creative concentration. It's worth every minute of whatever mess you may have to spend cleaning up afterwards. And these perfect memories...some might think are nothing...that I just spent a few hours of my day making are my memories. My good memories. Memories I created. Memories of happy and good. Memories I can cherish. Memories that help me a little more to heal.   

4 Days As a Fuchsia Head!

6.24.2014 -
"she was fierce, she was strong, and she wasn't simple. she was crazy and sometimes barely slept. she always had something to say. she had flaws and that was ok. and when she she was down, she got back up. she was a beast in her own way, but one idea described her best. she was unstoppable and she took anything she wanted with a smile."
-r.m. drake

"no woman can build the world by destroying himself"

"creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun."

Puppies, Pools, Little Boy Feet

When we spend our days pining for better and forget to enjoy the now. When we cope away the misery just hoping for something to change and suddenly time is gone. When we settle for "okay", "fine" and "normal" to stay comfortable and feel safe and realize there is a deadness that has set inside you. A hopelessness. 
The fight that is called living is tiring and weary sometimes. It comes with aches and pains. It comes with tears and exhaustion. It comes with having hate sometimes and fear other times. But it also comes with something else. It comes gut teary eyed laughter and butterflies of happiness in your stomach. It comes with feeling the splashes from your kids in the pool and not just getting wet from them but feeling so much more. It comes with snuggling up at the end of the day and feeling filled up with life. Even when you aren't where you want to be. 
When you open yourself up to feel you will feel it all. The bad yes, but also the good... You REALLY feel the good and it will bust out of you. It's not fake. It's not put on. It's not a lie. It's not an "oh everything is fine we are doing okay". It's not a front. It's not a mask. You don't care so much about what other people think. You don't carry the weight of walking on eggshells and being delicate around others. You just...LIVE. 
summer swimming summertime pool boys shepherds family
summer swimming summertime pool boys shepherds family
summer swimming summertime pool boys shepherds family
summer swimming summertime pool boys shepherds family
So Saturday was the official first day of Summer?! Problem is it has felt like summer since school let out so... 
I guess we "celebrated"... We DID bring home a new family member! 
summer swimming summertime pool boys shepherds family puppy
She has jumped right into being apart of us and tried right away to do everything we were doing. No fear. Nothing but sheer curiosity, begging little eyes and a wagging little tail curled up in the air! 
More pictures coming soon! The last 3 days life has been about nothing else but getting her settled and getting used to her being here!
(More pics coming soon...you KNOW it!) 
summer swimming summertime pool boys shepherds family puppy


6.17.2014 -
This southern beauty, gun shooting, country loving, small town girl is going to make a beautiful bride in a couple weekends!

Leaha - Fitness & Figure Competitor and Crossfit Athlete

6.10.2014 -
I am awed and inspired with this badass beauty's dedication and strength. It brings out the fighter in me. It makes me want to be better, do better on the inside and out. When I see someone who is physically so healthy I see someone who has a healthy mind and soul. I immediately want to get to know them more...and do photo shoots with them!
"The mind and the body are parallel universes. What happens in the mental universe will leave track in the physical one."

I had butterflies in my stomach for a week waiting for the day of this shoot to arrive I was so freaked out excited about it and I swear the hour and half drive to the city felt like 3 hours.

Leaha, you amaze me girl. Thanks for choosing me to photograph your hard work. You should be proud and keep it up!