6 Year Anniversary - Trash the Dress {part 3}

3.21.2014 -
And here we are still trying. Still not yet giving up on us.

6 Year Anniversary - Trash the Dress {part 2}

3.14.2014 -
So we will take the ugly, the pain, the past, and make it something beautiful.
We will try to keep starting our own new. 
We start saying goodbye to those days behind us as we heal and hello to what we are building now and what we will be together in the future as we keep building an us together.  

This is how I want to preserve it. With newness whatever that looks like going forward. We are trying. We keep trying. Instead of looking at my wedding dress and being drowned with bad memories, instead of a twinge of pain coming to my heart, instead of looking at wedding pictures and cringing...we can look at new memories. We can look at the beauty of something new, something moving forward. And this is no longer apart of that moving forward.

This...is liberating.