Holly & Aaron

3.18.2013 -
I had grand time getting to know these two, walking around downtown on the cold cloudy day having fun and smashing cupcakes in faces! Looking forward to sharing their wedding day with them!  

Ryan, Jamie & Addison

3.06.2013 -
I remembered this session why shooting families was so much work but in the end, when you worry if you captured the beautiful moments that were gone in mere seconds, you skim quickly through the images on your camera and find yourself grinning and wanting to get home to get them uploaded. 
Chasing a little princess around the playground when she did not want the camera in her space and trying to find ways to get her to interact and light up with grins and giggles makes me happy inside...and completely exhausted! :) Balloon fights, chases, rock throwing, hugs, tickles and grins...I had fun with these three. And found myself thinking about wanting a little girl to chase around and take pictures of at my house! :)