2.25.2014 -
I love the light you can catch just before the sun is disappearing behind the horizon. Gorgeous accent behind this gorgeous lady!

Samantha & Elijah-to-be {boudoir}

2.10.2014 -
This California girl has grown very near and dear to my heart in the last six months. I adore her laughter, her strength, her heart and her friendship and I can't wait to meet her little love bug prince anyday now!

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson - 1.18.14

2.06.2014 -
A little glimpse of Kris and Kendra's intimate winter wedding ceremony at Arcadia Historical Round Barn on Route 66.
Best of wishes to you guys! Wishes for tons of laughter, tears that only bring each other closer, fights that lead to epic makeups, a real full fabulous life together that is beautiful even somehow in the bad times because you have each other;  because that is when true love is really all about. Wishes that you never stop playing together, flirting together; that even when you're old and gray Kris you will still be able to look at Kendra and make her bust into giggles!