Amy {collection one}

7.31.2013 -
This beauty is moving out to California to pursue her music ministry dreams and I'm both excited for her and extremely jealous of her! :) I'm glad she let Abigail Smith and I catch her in front of our camera's again before she heads out of Okie!

Skye & Kavon {engagement}

7.25.2013 -
The first time I met Sky I was a chubby lil ball of newbornness! She recalled when she was 8 holding me at around 9 months old on her lap and swinging on the swing set. She said she fell off with me and kinda dropped me on the ground and we laughed and joked about that explaining why I am who I am and things like that explaining my wonderings that perhaps I was just always adopted! :) I vaguely remember things like a valentine's party at her family's house and that her Momma loved baby geese. The last time I probably saw her or her family I was 7-8 and now 17 years later it's like reconnecting to someone that I knew in a totally other world. Life was so oddly different back then and nothing like it now. I loved getting to spend a couple hours with them shooting their engagement photos, chatting up on life and hearing their love story! 
And their love story...well I don't know what it is about a couple that meets two-stepping in a bar at a birthday party that gets me all giddy goofy smiles...but it totally does! Congratulations you two and I'm so looking forward to your wedding in October! 


7.23.2013 -
This guy is a natural born lil model! Seriously had fun shooting with him for a couple nights!