Leaha - Fitness & Figure Competitor and Crossfit Athlete

6.10.2014 -
I am awed and inspired with this badass beauty's dedication and strength. It brings out the fighter in me. It makes me want to be better, do better on the inside and out. When I see someone who is physically so healthy I see someone who has a healthy mind and soul. I immediately want to get to know them more...and do photo shoots with them!
"The mind and the body are parallel universes. What happens in the mental universe will leave track in the physical one."

I had butterflies in my stomach for a week waiting for the day of this shoot to arrive I was so freaked out excited about it and I swear the hour and half drive to the city felt like 3 hours.

Leaha, you amaze me girl. Thanks for choosing me to photograph your hard work. You should be proud and keep it up!

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