When I No Longer Believe The Lies

2.05.2015 -
Words don’t sting as much when I no longer believe them to be true. When I know the truth and have undone the lies. Rejection and judgement doesn’t stab so much when I know who I am and have come to love who I am. When I really genuinely love myself, who I am, how I was made, the quirks, the flaws and the amazingness. When I don’t think things about myself anymore like my voice sounds stupid on the phone or on video. When I can look in the mirror and see all the beauty instead of things “not good enough”. When I can be passionate about the things in my heart without feeling guilty about it. When I see the parts about myself that I was always told were bad and see them as really actually the amazingly good stuff about myself. When I don’t depend on anyone else to give me anything I think I need, or to try and bring me fulfillment. When I can be with myself alone and enjoy it. When I can no longer hear their voices in my head confirming the lies or pointing fingers. When negativity towards me starts to feel foreign and without power. When I don’t have to hide me. When I don’t even think about hiding myself. When I see the smiling faces that turn my way instead of all the frowning ones. When I live life without stopping in fear of others, or doubts or hurtful thoughts. That is how I see I am truly finding free. That is how I see how far along my healing has gone.

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