Valentine's Day

2.17.2015 -

These two handsome goobers woke up and came in our room 45 min too early on the morning of their valentine's day school party to remind me in a still half asleep little voice that I couldn't forget we have to go get flowers for their teachers before school. How could one ever get annoyed at being awakened before the sun over something like that!

Valentine's made for friends for their school party!

Valentine's day shouldn't just be for lovers, it's for all those that love and that is everyone. It’s about taking the time to speak, listen, and care about those around you. It's a day to pay a little extra attention to the feelings of not only the people around you, but also yourself. To celebrate the people around you and to celebrate yourself. Instead of it being a day to celebrate how much somebody else loves me, I like it to be a day to love and celebrate myself and those that deserve to be reminded of their worth and value in this world. Like I said in my valentine's day blog post last year...
The notes, the flowers, the extra special things, the extra long hugs and extra exaggerated kisses only mean anything at all because of the other 364 days of the year spent with those I love. The only reason valentine's day means anything special at all to me is because of the crazy love, insane hard road, ups and downs, tears and laughs I have had with those I love the rest of the year. It's just a day we can celebrate that love and journey. It shouldn't leave. It should stay all year and if it doesn't stay all year...what is the point of this day then because then we have nothing to celebrate on it. Then it just becomes a shallow silly holiday to people with expectations and unmeaningful performances.

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