Florida Vaca with My Bestie!

10.19.2015 -

It had been 5 years since my last flight and God was I thrilled to be back on a plane again. Airports make in unexplainably happy. And the thrill of taking off into the cotton clouds and shades of blues, off to see new places and experience life, that is extremely adrenaline inducing for me. I was dying to see my best friend again since their move out of Oklahoma to Florida the beginning of this year and experience all the surprises she had planned for us and yes, yes, yes did I wan to get to the ocean. ASAP.   

Day one we kayaked on the ocean and were able to get just yards away from a good dozen dolphins! Diana tipped over her kayak (memory to keep there) :D and we even rubbed up the noses and bellies of a cove full of manatees!

"Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be whatever. Because life is too short to be anything but happy."

"Who says we have to grow up?!"- Disney

Day two and flyboarding. Okay, this watersport is no joke. All my years of waterskiing, slaloming and weight boarding and this thing nearly kicked my butt. One tweak of a muscle, and weight shift and you propel yourself one way or the other, spin out, fall backwards or forwards...it was not for the weak of heart! At one point I fell and I was jet powered under until my ass touched the bottom of the lake. Talk about gasping for air. After 30 min. and only maybe actually staying up in the air maybe 10 min. of that time I felt completely water logged and beat up. But it was hands down the coolest experience and one I have been wanted to do for awhile.

6 years ago life gave me the rarest and purest of gift. A beautiful soul, a gem of a friendship to be my unbiological sister. I'm never letting her go.

"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air."

Firsts this trip: I ate shark, I ate fried alligator, I had authentic columbian food, went flyboarding and took my first boxing class! And all with one of the most wonderful friend's someone could ever wish for!

Home bound after 5 days in East coast paradise! And being a creep, creeping on the creepy passenger  sitting next to me on the plane ride back to my tiny land locked place we currently call home... Thankful for such a crazy, awesome, filling up, energizing, refreshing, ready-to-go-kick-life-in-the-ass-again break with someone who cares, gets it, is crazy...who is my soul mate friend.

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