A DIY - Lindsey's Twig Crown

9.09.2015 -
I knew exactly what I wanted for a crown for this shoot and I couldn't find one anywhere online to fit with my vision. When I told Lindsey what I wanted to do and showed her pictures of the crown inspiration the poor girl freaked out and did not feel all that secure in wearing something that highly editorial so I scaled back my idea, way back, and came up with something less dramatic than my original idea but still amazing. It turned out splendid and I was overly proud of my 30 min. handmade stick beauty and the still completely amazing set of images we got with it! 

Supplies I used: 
- Branches, sticks, twigs (The greener the better. The crown base has to be very green to bend.)
- A medium strength wire 
- Hot glue gun 
- Scissors 
- Spray paint of choice 

Simple. Easy. Beautiful. 
Yup still damn proud of this one!  

You can go see Lindsey's, yes I dare say absolutely gorgeous, full session set here!

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