4th of July Celebrations

7.10.2015 -

A getaway day to Addison, TX was a much needed distraction for all of us smack in the middle of a hellish week. We went to their Kaboom Town celebration. Air show, live bands, carnival rides where we sang the national anthem at the top of our lungs on the ferris wheel, fireworks shot out of airplanes, the best 30 minute fireworks show I have seen thus far in my life and getting down to a live concert by Emerald City. Then long drives home with a car full of sleeping humans and sleeping into noon the next day for lazy afternoon swimming and at home backyard fireworks. 

Silly faces and ice cream cones. Splashing and mommy watch this's and fireworks lit by excited little boys. Hotdogs over the fire, good long talks, hugs and car rides for treats. Misunderstandings and fights and sorry's and makeups. Late nights playing until 2 a.m.'s, morning snuggles and sleeping until noons. These are things I always want my weekends to be made up of. This is the stuff of life that keep me keep on through these days and weeks.

"Fight to be your own light in the darkest darkness."

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