It's been 4 months...

12.09.2014 -
...and it's hard to believe. It's been a streak. A complete blur. A totally and very unplanned life turnaround. There has been an unmeasurable amount of adjusting, and starting over, and changing entirely our goals and plans of the next few years of our lives. This week marks 4 months since my siblings came and well, expanded our family! 4 months since the crazy, emotional, terrifying, fulfilling, exhausting, rewarding but burdening journey we started down.

In that time our household has gone from 4 people and 1 pet to 6 people and 2 pets going on 3. We sold our house and moved to a new house almost double in size. Upgraded to a larger vehicle. We now have 4 kids in school over here. Which is actually one of the hardest adjustments we have had to go through. Especially for them being in school for the first time and having to play catchup to be in their grade.  I now do school drop off and pick up for elementary school, middle school AND high school and I definitely would have never thought that would happen anytime soon in my life. I never could have imaged all the extra crazy and stressful and amazing and hard that this year was going to bring at the beginning of this last year. I remember the new year rolling around and I remember doing a post about how I felt that something was dramatically going to change in the course of this year. I guess that instinct was spot on! 

So as for new books, not new chapters at all, we are in a pretty big one. One I would never have expected we would be writing but we are. It is quickly proving to be the most scary, beautiful, horrific and epic book of our life thus far. 

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