Candy Cane Bombing

12.11.2014 -

For candy cane bombing christmas note go HERE and right click on image to save/download!

Countdown to Christmas day 3! 
We took over 200 candy canes stapled them to christmas notes and candy cane bombed the Walmart parking lot and handed them out to cautious confused people wondering why this group of crazies was giving them something free! *giggles* People here are extremely cautious at being handed something even from a 5 year old. We even had a lady rant at us. "What is this for? Are you a business? What do you want from me? Why are you giving out free candy canes? Candy cane bombed? What does that even mean?" I'm sorry I had to laugh as I was talking back to her annoyed face. Regardless we had a blast and out of all the people we met we did get a middle aged man who lit up and grinning wishing us merry christmas back and said we just made his day! It just told me how much people just needed us 5 christmas ding dongs to smile at them and tell show them some love. They needed some candy cane hugs. Eh? And it was all worth it for at least that one day we know we made for someone and for the fact that the boys asked me later if we could do that again sometime. And THAT there made my heart overwhelmingly completed for the day! 

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