Caiden & Conner's 5th Birthday!

1.09.2014 -
We had the boys birthday party the weekend before their actual birthday and had cousins down for their dinosaur party they wanted. Only problem…when their birthday day came we and they had another party at school and a party at home with Mom and Dad Conner was convinced that he was turning 6 because we had already had his number 5 birthday party! Telling you it took some convincing even though he understood he needed to wait a whole year to turn 6 he didn't want to.

My favorite thing I hear now all the time. "But Mom I can do that now because I'm big now because I am 5!" And yes Conner actually asked me the other day, "Mom now that I am big because I'm 5 can I drive now?"

Life-size dinosaur, wooden 3D dinosaurs, mini skeleton dinosaurs, paper goods and chocolate rocks for cake: Amazon
Straw dinosaurs: I drilled holes in mini dinosaurs and spray painted them gold
Paper cake toppers and banner, wall banner and party hats: I handmade
Invitations and tags: I designed and handmade 

Good god do I freakin' love my big boys! :D

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