Sonny & Jamie - 9.28.13

10.17.2013 -
She's his soft and sweet, he's her strong and steady.   
He's her glass of wine and she's his shot of whiskey. 
She's the sunny day and he's the shade tree.
The beautiful former Miss Oklahoma rodeo queen rode in and rocked this rancher, oil field man's world ! :) 

It rained and stormed all morning and into the afternoon on their wedding day threatening their outdoor ceremony, muddying every inch of the ground in sight and flooding out their reception barn. Just bring lots of good luck and best wishes is all! 
Jamie was laughing at the irony and annoyance of the song "Rain is A Good Thing" that had come on on her drive to the venue that morning. Things didn't turn out the way expected but she just went with the flow of the chaos of cancelled makeup stylist, scheduling changes, timing delays and muddy gown hemlines as it was flung her way!  
The day become a beautiful and real life story book country wedding day for them to always be able to look back on and remember that its the ups and downs that make life so beautifully perfectly imperfect!

Aaaand and overview snippet from their picture dvd slideshow just because I think one of the song she picked out fits their day perfectly!

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