Amy & Josh - 8.4.12

8.31.2012 -
This day I will marry 
My best friend. 
The one I laugh with, 
Live for, 
Dream with, 

I love being around a man and woman so in love. Two people who cherish each other and respect each other. Watching the man adore his woman and listening the woman brag on her man, can pinch at least a nerve in anyone's heart and put at least a twitch of a smile on anyone's face. If you take away the beautiful dress, the flowers and cake, the dimly lit lights, the sweet moments and gifts, all the people that have come to celebrate the life that two people are starting together, the words that they commit to each other, all the fabulous things that are the wonderful toppings on the cake; you have the most beautiful "thing" that is the foundation of everything. You have those two people, unique and beautiful and perfectly made by God in their own individual ways, choosing to live and love and grow together. Two people who have come to know each other and fall in love with the beautiful and the good and choosing to love the not so beautiful and not so good. Two people that found their perfect imperfect person to live their life with. 
Amy and Josh, BEST of wishes to you both and thank you for letting us be apart of your special day! :D

Doesn't this couple have the most gorgeous "first home"! I mean the view from their own front porch was like a vacation spot! Starting a life together couldn't get more "magical looking" than this. :D

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